Smart Home Security

DSC Power Series security systems are renowned for their robustness and longevity, and it's exciting to know that many of these systems can be upgraded to include smart home services without the need for complete replacement. This upgrade not only enhances the functionality of the existing system but also offers a cost-effective solution to homeowners looking to modernize their security setup. With the integration of smart home services, users can enjoy the convenience of remote monitoring and control, adding a layer of efficiency and modernity to their home security. For those with DSC systems installed in the last two decades, this is a fantastic opportunity to embrace the advancements in home automation and security technology.

Smart Home Security Solutions

Upgrading your home security system has never been easier! With the Alula Bat Connect communication module, you can transform your existing setup into a smart security powerhouse. This innovative device is not only 5G-ready but also universally compatible, ensuring a seamless integration with your current system. Imagine controlling your security, video, and automation all from the palm of your hand! Plus, adding modern conveniences like video doorbells and electronic locks is a breeze, enhancing your home's security and convenience in one go.

Professionally Installed 

Touchscreen Keypad

Video Doorbell Solution

Full Video Solution

Professional Basic
Smart Home Security

Updating your current security system is easier then you thought.  Just call us to add our smart home services to any compatible system installed in your home.  Most homes that have been installed in the last 15 to 20 years still work 

Smart Home Security

Our Professional Smart Home Solution can be customized to add Z-Wave lighting and video doorbell solutions to your system.  

By simply adding a few components to your existing system, your home security can now add video with cellular communications. Know who is at your door at any time.

Professional Security and Camera Solution

Our Professional Security and Camera solution can increase your security to the max. 

Simply update your current system to our Pro Camera solution and have video verification of any alarm directly to your cell phone.  View all cameras from your tabletop keypad or smart device.  Full control of all aspects of your home will give you fill piece of mind.