Smart Home

Palladium Security can help you find a solution to either update your current security system or install a completely new integrated system in your home.

We understand that every homeowner requires a different level of security, so we try not to offer a one-size fits-all solution. Since 1992, we have had clients request everything from basic door and motion coverage to complete perimeter, interior intrusion detection as well as carbon monoxide and fire protection. We will meet with you personally to determine the level of security you require and then present you with solutions utilizing the best products to meet your expectations. Click on the new security system link below for more details.

You already have a system and are thinking of upgrading? In many cases, systems that have been installed after 2001 may be updated with some basic smart home features without a large investment. The addition of a few interactive modules can give the old system the ability to allow you to control it through your smartphone and control your thermostat and lights.

Security Systems

Security Solutions for any business can be complex and very confusing. The risk factors associated with securing a business goes much further than simply installing a security system to prevent intrusions.

Palladium Security understands that every business requires a customized security solution that meets the unique requirements of each individual business. Following an in-depth review of the business premises along with an understanding of the security related expectations of each specific business, Palladium will provide the business owner with a selection of options/solutions to meet those expectations. Our security solutions can be as simple as installation of a perimeter protection all the way up to a more advanced integrated solution that encompasses security, access control, closed circuit video, and automation.