Professional vs Retail SmartHome Solutions

How do the retail solutions measure up
to our products

Professional vs Retail
Smart Solutions

There are some differences between professional SmartHome solutions vs retail options.    We have tried to outline these differences to help you make an intelligent choice on what you need.   

Can My Smart Home Work On My Network?

The networks needs of a family can is calculated by how they use the services and what services they have.  The following questions are a guideline on what to look for.  

1: Internet supplier? What bandwidth service to you have? will it be able to give you reliable service if everything is running at once?

2: Do I have Video Streaming services such as Netflix? Does more then one person watch on different devices at once?

3 Do you have gaming consoles that play online?

4: How many networked devices do you have in your home? This included computers, tablets, phones, televisions printers and so on.

When you look at the total amount of devices you have running on your network, The question then is 

Ask us what you need?

Home Networks Controlling your Automation Systems. 

What are the downfalls of this technology?

Many consumers that are looking to add smart home features in their homes usually explore these options at their local big box retailer. Most of these retailers sell quality products at competitive pricing.

We want our customers to understand what the difference is between these retail products and the Palladium Security home control services.

The issue that homeowners have when they automate their home from the big box retailers is that they do not understand what the drawbacks of certain technologies are.

That’s why Palladium is here to help educate you and build a solution that will simply work. 

When you are looking to automate your home, knowing what the different technologies that are available is very important. We have created this educational page to help our clients create a reliable and stable Smart Home system that will work under all conditions

Most devices sold in the retail space are Wi-Fi based technologies. These devices range from plug in wall receptacles, wall switches, light bulbs, doorbells and smart locks. These devices work well once installed but they do have a downfall. The Wi-Fi portion of the technology is not designed to handle the constant data and the lack integration with your security systems.   

When clients purchase their new WiFi router for their home, the selection process can be driven from price, brand or a suggestion from the sales person at the store. Most of the time these devices work with no issues.
Do you have any of the following services?

The home network is dependent on your service provider bandwidth and the hardware installed in your home. When you start using many services at once, the network may start to lag thus causing performance issues.

Therefore, we will look at all the services you need to create a service plan that will be able to handle the bandwidth your family requires.  Click here to inquire

When you use Smart Home and Entertainment services on your home Wi-Fi, the bandwidth you require for other services may be compromised.

Adding our Z-Wave Plus Mesh system to control your Smart-Home with create a stable solution without compromising the security and bandwidth limitations you need for a stable Internet.  

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Palladium Security can build your Internet network to support all your Entertainment needs. The addition of a Separate Z-Wave Plus service to control the Smart Home services will make the complete experience seamless to your. 

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