Police False
Alarm Policies

Palladium Security will supply you with your local police false alarm policy within your private poral, these false alarm policies change from region to region and the cost of response will vary depending on municipality.

Please contact Palladium Security Systems for more information or visit your local regional police website, Search for the term, "false alarm policy"  

How do I reduce
my false alarms ?

Response costs can easily be reduced
by following a few simple procedures.

1. Register with your municipal police.

Most police departments have a voluntary registration, this may have an annual fee attached to it but it will offer a lower response fee, some give the first response free. 

2. private guard company.

Some guard companies offer an annual fee or a monthly discounted fee for a predetermined amount of dispatches.

The private guard dispatch is usually faster then police and they do have the authority to arrest a client 

3. Authorized Call List

Have our station call the complete call list to authorize the dispatch.

Chances are that one of the contacts will be aware of any false alarms due to recent activity at the location and cancel the alarms dispatch. 

4. .Cancel Code

Have us program a cancel code in the alarm system. This will notify our station that you have disarmed the system and the alarm should not be dispatched. Our station may still contact you to verify the cause of the alarm. 

5. Cross zone or double hit Zones

Cross zone or double hit programming, some alarm systems allow you to use this technology to verify alarms.

If two different areas of protection send a signal within a certain time, our station will consider this a true alarm and dispatch. If only one of the two areas trip without the second going into alarm, our station will only use the call list to report the alarm without a dispatch. .

6. Video verification,

Palladium can install an web enabled camera in the protected area.

In the case of an alarm, our station can remotely look at the live video feed and decide if a response is required. .